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Volunteer at Lake Bunyonyi

Volunteer at Lake Bunyonyi

Although best known for its breath-taking beauty, the area around Lake Bunyoni is home to impoverished children, many of whom are orphans who live in grinding poverty with little or no access to much need education to help them escape from the poverty cycle. Even when wandering down to the lake from your accommodation you'll come across street children sleeping by the roadtracks desperate for food. As such, many of the small businesses that operate around the lake also run community programs to help these young people so when paying to stay at for example Gorilla Packers you know that part of your charges are going to help children attend school or assist in the wider community.





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Volunteer at our school for poor or orphaned children or help in the wider community at lake Bunyonyi.
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Volunteer at Lake Bunyonyi

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