Things to do in Entebbe

Things to do in Entebbe

Spend a few days relaxing in Entebbe on arrival or set aside a few days to enjoy its delights before you leave Uganda. Its a lovely town with many things to see and do from taking in a game of golf, visiting the historical site of Kigungu where the first Catholic missionaries arrived in Uganda in 1879 and where a new church stands today together with a monument, or take in the splendour of the State House, home to the Ugandan President. There are also some fabulous beaches where you can simply relax, eat or drink or take in a boat ride, or for the more adventurous, jet skiing. We share more things to do in Entebbe on our tourist attractions page (below)


Things to do in Entebbe

Things to do in Entebbe

Things to do in Entebbe

Things to do in Entebbe


State House

State House Uganda

One of the two official residences of the President of Uganda with the other at Nakasero in Kampala.
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Golf Course

Entebbe Golf Course

The oldest golf course in east Africa also features 2 tennis courts, 1 basketball court and a cricket oval.
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Kigungu Historical Site

Kigungu, found behind the airport, marks the landing of the first catholic missionaries in 1879.
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