Batwa Experience

Batwa Experience

The Batwa Experience is another day trip well worth making when staying in western Uganda and is described as "a hands-on, mind-opening adventure you will never forget." Introducing you to the Batwa pygmies of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest who are being increasingly displaced from their natural habitats and can no longer live in the forest itself, during your five hour stay you will share a traditional Batwa meal, hear legends and songs from yesteryear and even try a traditional Batwa bow and arrow in a mock hunting ritual.

The Batwa Experience was created by the Batwa themselves to preserve their ancient culture and ensure future generations were educated about their way of life. Your visit will make a financial contribution to ensure that legacy is secured. Trips cost around £50 + travel.

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Batwa Experience

Batwa Experience

Batwa Experience

Batwa Experience



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